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Every minute your employee is spending on Facebook is costing you — time and money! There are legal limitations to the apps use — and I never condone illegal use. Unfortunately these apps are very good at this — but be aware there are legal consequences. Mspy is primarily aimed at useful and legal monitoring of children and employees using company cell phones.

When you are buying the app they make you declare that it is for authorized use. The full version software needs to be installed directly onto the device you want to spy on — and you need access to the phone or tablet for a few minutes to get it set up.

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Once installed the app will begin to report all phone activity. The target phone does need to have an internet connection — either a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. Reports can then be viewed remotely in your online dashboard or control panel. So if your kid sends a text, downloads an image or visits a website — you will see it online in the account dashboard.

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It will work anywhere in the world all you need is an internet connection and you can view the reports from anywhere — your own phone or laptop. Although the software will work on all of these types of phone you should check their website for up to date version support plus they have lists of actual phones by make and model. Always check the features available for each type of phone as they are slightly different for each. As well as covering all of the expected monitoring features — text logs, call logs, email, tracking and browser history etc.

Remember that the feature list will depend on the type of phone you are monitoring and the subscription plan you chose.

When you are all set up and go to your mSpy Login — the control panel you can view the basic data from the target phone see the screenshot. It will show you the software version, battery info, Wi-Fi connection status and your subscription plan details. In the Phone Management tab you can see more information about the target phone — memory status, mSpy version and last updated time — all good.

mSpy Review: The Best Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

But, you can also control some functions from here such as pause the app, reboot, uninstall, clear logs or export logs. The whole interface has been updated and is very user friendly — their dashboard reporting is very easy to navigate. All reports can be accessed from the control panel area. On to the main features:. All details are logged and you can read messages sent and received with timestamps and contact information. If they delete text messages after sending, you will still see them — the information is collected on sending or receiving.

Again everything is logged here with times, dates, call duration, numbers and contact information. Even if the user deletes their call logs, you will still see all of the information. Website Monitoring Browser History — this reports all online browsing history on the device with time stamps, duration and web addresses visited.

You see everything they do online — a great feature for parents. You can see messages, chats, pictures and videos shared on these platforms. This program can spy on the largest number of social media and messenger apps — very important given how widely these are used today. Now they have added Tinder monitoring to the list. As with most spy apps you can track a cell phones movements at any time using GPS.

The big difference with mySpy is that they offer geo-fencing — you can set alerts that will notify you if the monitored device leaves a set area, or enters a set area. A great tool for keeping tabs on where your kids are at any time. You can define phone numbers and block incoming calls from them. Worried about who your kids are phoning?

This could be a big help! You can easily block access to pre-defined websites. Another great tool for parents trying to stop children accessing inappropriate content online. Block individual sites or even chose to block internet access at certain times — no late night browsing! Now allows you to see browsing history even when the user is using incognito mode.

Very useful and much requested service — does not require android devices to be Rooted. You can view all installed apps on the target phone and choose which ones to block. This is unique to mSpy. The Keylogger feature can report all things typed on the target cell phone — messages, passwords, login details and emails — extremely powerful feature.

This will show details of any wi-fi networks accessed by the target phone — public or private. You can also track the device by this method — you will see where the wi-fi hotspots are located. They have some useful ways to manage how the reporting is set up. You can set reporting to be sent to the control panel by Wi-Fi only, by any connection or none.

You need to have physical access of the device to install the application.

mSpy Review - Not Perfect, But It IS the Best

It is compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones. You need to jailbreak your iPhone to install the application. Keyword Tracking. Uninstall Alert.

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  8. Google Hangouts Monitoring. Google Hangouts is all about messaging, voice and video calls, being a great part of our digital world. Tinder Monitoring. Therefore, regardless of whether the up-to-date jailbreak is available, it is always capable of satisfying the demand for tracking iOS 9 devices. Instagram Spy. No-Jailbreak Solution. At this moment the complete list of features of mSpy No-Jailbreak Solution includes the following items:. New Language — Japanese. Viber Spy. For busy parents , this allows them to monitor their children through tracking their cellphone usage.

    Parents also get to know their children more by having access to who their friends are, the activities that they are involved in and the websites that they frequently visit.

    mSpy App Review 12222 – Monitor All Kid’s Online Activities Without Fuss

    Parents will be immediately alerted to inappropriate activities. This promotes an awareness in the employees of the possibility of being caught. Important information can be remotely deleted or cellphone can be locked in case employee cellphones are lost or stolen. Reviews indicate that generally, users find the application easy to install and use.

    Parents find it a useful tool to monitor their children. Employers find that the application is an effective tool to improve productivity and integrity in the workplace. Buy mSpy. You can purchase mSpy directly from this website. Choose your subscription plan and complete the order form.

    Make sure you provide a valid email address in the form to be able to receive installation instructions. We guarantee that your personal information will not appear anywhere on the target device. Once your payment has been confirmed, check your email to install and set up mSpy. Install and set-up. Before you proceed, make sure you have physical access to the device you wish to track.