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Find My iPhone is great for tracking down a missing iOS device using another Apple product, but if there are no iOS or Mac devices around, you can still track an iPhone using an Android device. Finding an iPhone on Android is fairly easy, though users may need to have the proper settings enabled.

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Read on to learn how to track an iPhone with an Android smartphone. The information below should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Enable the Send last location option when setting up Find my iPhone. This helps in case your phone loses power and dies while you're trying to find it.

Imei detective

You can do this from any browser, including the Google Chrome browser on an Android smartphone. Android mobile browsers do not support iCloud. To access the website, select the three-dot settings menu at the top right of your screen and select Desktop site. This will display the website as if it were on a computer.

Cell phone spy app Apple iPhone 6

Once you're logged into your iCloud account you can access the Find My iPhone app to do a few things:. Use the browser on an Android smartphone in incognito mode so none of your personal information is stored on a device that isn't yours.

Find a Lost iPhone

Be sure to log out of all accounts and close the incognito browser when you're finished. Even if you own an iPhone, there's a good chance you have a Gmail account or use some Google apps or features that require Google login credentials.

Find a Lost iPhone

If you're logged in to your Googe account on your iPhone, you're in luck and can easily track your iPhone. Once the device is paired, wait for 24 hours to let the app transfer data from the phone to the web account.

The entire location history of the target iPhone along with their current location will be displayed on your screen. As you scroll down, you will see the list of places to where the target iPhone has been along with time stamps.

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  • Part 1. The Easiest Way to Track iPhone Location without Person Knowing;
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With geofencing, you can restrict the target iPhone from entering a certain location. You will get alerts whenever they enter or leave the restricted zones. If you want to get alerts on both check-in and check-out, check the options. Along with monitoring their location, with XNSPY you will also be able to track their text messages, call logs and instant messenger app conversations too.

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  7. Once the phone is located, you can request your service provider to block it from being used or report your IMEI number to authorities, so that they can contact you if the iPhone is found. To nip in the bud, we suggest you to form a habit of backing up your device and erase your sensitive and personal data regularly in case others access your phone once it has been lost or stolen.

    how to stop someone from spying on my cell phone

    Mobile Tracker. Way 1: Track Lost iPhone without iCloud Using Google Timeline You probably know that Google will collect all your location data from your iPhone and then put it onto a map, which makes it accessible to you as well. Free Download For macOS